Shenell Edwards

Credentials: BS, MPH

Position title: Project Manager


Shenell Edwards is smiling and wears a black top. She has long ombre dreads.


Shenell holds a Master in Public Health from St. George’s University – Grenada in health administration with a minor in maternal and child health policy. She reviewed and conducted several policy analyses to hypothesize a connection between perinatal mortality and a lack of maternal health policy addressing fetal health development during 9 month gestation period.

At CHDR, Shenell serves as the Project Manager for the Living Cohort. In this role, she acts as a point-of-contact for the Living Cohort teams at each of the 22 Neighborhood Study sites. Shenell works collaboratively with internal and external teams to balance priorities, timelines and demands.

Shenell managed health related matrices to facilitate and meet policy goals for maternal and child health policy initiatives for a previous employer. She also worked with several pandemic response teams at a public health department to assist with COVID-19 vaccination registrations, documentation, and initiative implementation.