Adrienne Sulma

Credentials: MSEd

Position title: Research Specialist


Adrienne Sulma's bio headshot. Adrienne smiles as they wear glasses and a dark blouse. They have long dirty blond hair and speckled glasses.

she/her/hers they/them/theirs

Adrienne holds a Master of Education from University of Miami in community and social change with a concentration in public health. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science from Marquette University in clinical mental health counseling. At CHDR, Adrienne primarily conducts intake and follow-up interviews with participants and caregivers in the CORE H group. Adrienne also reaches out to potential participants and caregivers to screen them for the study.

Adrienne worked in the behavioral health field for adults and children for nearly five years before this position. They are also familiar with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from a personal and professional lens. Her current training in clinical mental health counseling equips her to meet participants and caregivers with understanding and empathy when interviewing them for the study.