Elliot Surovell

Credentials: BA

Position title: Research Analyst

Pronouns: he/him/his

Email: esurovell@wisc.edu

Elliot smiles slightly and wears a Hawaiian button up. Elliot has dark brown hair and a beard.

Elliot holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California – Berkeley in Sociology with a minor in Global Public Health. At CHDR, Elliot will be working with the Residential History Team, to help construct residential timelines for brain bank decedents and record the data in REDCap for future data analysis.

Elliot has academic experience in social determinants of health, having taken multiple dedicated courses, including his senior capstone research project on social determinants of obesity. Furthermore, he has previous experience in social science research, having worked as a research analyst focused on psychometric testing. Both in his academic and professional backgrounds, Elliot is dedicated to further minimizing the gap in health disparities.