Aaron Ward

Credentials: MS

Position title: Data Engineer

Pronouns: he/him/his

Email: award7@wisc.edu

Aaron completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Toledo, both in exercise science focusing on cardiovascular physiology. He originally came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to continue pursuing graduate research in exercise science before transitioning into a software-oriented role at CHDR. Being a data engineer, Aaron helps facilitate the gathering of raw data from CHDR’s various partner sites across the nation, standardize and ensure integrity of the data, and store it conveniently for easy use by CHDR researchers. Aaron also assists with establishing software best practices to develop clean, consistent, robust, and high-velocity applications for CHDR.

Having devoted several years in academic research, including clinical trials research using neuroimaging, Aaron understands the various demands placed on researchers. This perspective has allowed him to identify obstacles in properly running a research program, in particular with all-things data. Aaron therefore seeks to ease the burden of data management on researchers by facilitating streamlined processes, allowing researchers to spend more time thinking of the data, publishing results tackling health disparities, and generating new areas of investigation to better the human condition.