Abbie Steinback

Credentials: MA

Position title: Research Analyst

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Abbie smiles. She has long, brown hair, and she wears a dark blue top.

Abbie holds a Bachelor of Science in family, youth, and community sciences with a minor in nonprofit leadership from the University of Florida and a Master of Arts in social work from the University of Chicago.

Abbie is a research analyst with CHDR. She has previously worked in various fields of social work, including schools, community mental health, hospitals, combined veterinary medical/social service settings (One Health), and services for people experiencing homelessness. 

Abbie has worked alongside people in very challenging situations, has observed overwhelming disparities in various aspects of health and well-being, and fully supports CHDR’s commitment to advancing research to eliminate health disparities. As a research analyst with CHDR, Abbie regards each person’s story as important, worthy, and meaningful, both in and of themselves and in the advancement of health equity.